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Press Release: Successful seed funding round, a new team member, and moving into Technopark

Matchspace Music, the young Startup for music lessons working out of Zurich has successfully closed the first funding round and is moving into Technopark together with its team. The fast-growing startup Matchspace Music launched the most innovative platform for individual music lessons in Switzerland at the end of 2020. Within less than 12 months, the company succeeded in building up an offering of 250 qualified music teachers in Switzerland with over 500 courses and more than 45 different musical instruments, making it the leading provider in Switzerland. This excellent start also convinced several investors, so a first seed funding round was successfully closed in the fourth quarter of 2021. The funds will be invested in the app and features for music teachers and students, the promotion of our services, the acquisition of new partners, and the expansion of the platform.

Founder and CEO Patrick Koller on the successful launch: “The market for music lessons offers great growth potential. People are increasingly looking for a balance in their everyday lives and many have the desire to learn a musical instrument. The pandemic has accelerated this trend. Matchspace Music is the first player to ever bring music lessons into the workplace, working with companies to implement music as part of their corporate well-being strategy. With our platform, we create the easiest, most flexible, and most convenient access to music lessons for everyone. Young and old, beginners and experienced, with smaller or bigger budgets. We want to make music accessible to everyone! Because music moves people and helps build positive emotions. It promotes the development of cognitive abilities, helps to cope with stress, and contributes a lot to the quality of life. We are particularly pleased that our investors also see great potential in the Matchspace Music Story."

Matchspace Music makes it easier and more convenient to teach music and take classes. Music teachers benefit because Matchspace Music offers them the opportunity to find new students through the platform. Music teachers, on average underemployed, can market themselves more effectively. And thanks to the Matchspace Music app, they are able to conveniently manage their students and plan their lessons themselves, flexibly and tailored to their daily schedules. The platform offers music students convenient and flexible access to a unique variety of music lessons and teachers. To make a sustainable contribution to the future of music education, Matchspace Music is committed to integrating relevant market participants into the ecosystem, to create value for all stakeholders alike.

About Matchspace Music

Matchspace Music is a fast-growing Swiss EdTech startup that makes music lessons accessible to everyone. For music students looking for more flexibility and individuality and corporate clients who want to improve the mental well-being of their colleagues. All music enthusiasts will find music lessons that suit them best. Matchspace Music offers over 45 different instruments taught by 250 music teachers and was the first company to bring music lessons to the workplace to create a better work-life balance for employees. Matchspace Music is the leading platform for music lessons, music students, and teachers in Switzerland.

Contact Olivier Kipfer, Marketing Head at Matchspace Music
info@matchspace.com +41 44 516 89 65

Address Matchspace AG Technoparkstrasse 1 CH - 8005 Zurich matchspace-music.ch

Press Release: Successful seed funding round, a new team member, and moving into Technopark

Successfull funding of Matchspace Music.