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Deciphering the keys: A beginner's guide to piano sheet music

This article provides a comprehensive guide to piano sheet music for beginners. It covers everything from the basics of musical notation to the various sources of piano sheet music, including local stores, online resources and play-along apps.

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Understanding the notes behind the keys

Welcome to your exciting journey of learning to play the piano! Whether you've always dreamed of mastering the piano keys or have just discovered your passion, this article will help you get started. An important part of this adventure is understanding piano sheet music and how to get it. We'll look at different sources of piano sheet music, highlight the pros and cons of traditional and digital options, and help you make the right choice for you.

Understanding the basics of piano sheet music

Before we dive into the various sources of piano sheet music, it's important to understand the basics of musical notation. We will explore the different elements of piano sheet music, including clefs and the notes themselves.

The music theory behind piano sheet music forms the fundamental understanding of the notation and structure of musical pieces. Each note represents a specific tone played on the piano and is defined by its position on the sheet of music as well as its shape and additions. The scale, consisting of seven notes, forms the framework for the melody, while chords, consisting of several notes played simultaneously, create harmony.

The notation of rhythm and time signature is used to determine the tempo of a piece of music, defining the structure and flow of the music. A basic understanding of this music theory enables pianists to read music, interpret melodies and develop musical expression. If you want to learn more about sheet music and music theory, read our blog article on the subject.

Piano sheet music, Sheet music
Learn to read piano sheet music

Where can I find piano sheet music?

There are various ways to get piano sheet music. Local music stores and libraries are good places to find traditional sheet music books. Alternatively, online resources such as websites and platforms offer a wide selection of piano sheet music to download or print. There are also play-along apps that offer interactive features to make learning easier. We'll take a closer look at the pros and cons of each option to help you decide.

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Pros and cons of paper vs. digital piano sheet music

Deciding between traditional paper piano sheet music and digital options can be a challenge. Paper piano sheet music offers a tactile experience and is easily accessible, but can be bulky. Digital piano sheet music is convenient and portable but can lack the traditional charm. We'll also take a closer look at play-along apps, which offer interactive features but may not be for everyone.

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Digital sheet music and play-along apps

Learning with a piano teacher vs. alone or with digital apps

A crucial aspect of learning the piano is the choice between a teacher, self-study or digital learning methods. Learning with a teacher offers personalized guidance and feedback, while self-study allows independence but may lack structure. Digital learning apps offer interactive features, but cannot replace the personal feedback of a piano teacher.

Provider for piano lessons

  1. Matchspace Music

    1. Platform for private piano lessons

  2. Öffentliche Musikschulen - VMS

    1. Association of public music schools


    1. Directory of piano teachers in Switzerland

  4. Migros Klubschule

    1. For piano group lessons

Provider for play-along apps

  1. Simply Piano Simply Piano is a popular app that offers interactive piano lessons for beginners and advanced players. It offers a personalized learning experience with real-time feedback and progress tracking. The app includes a large library of songs.

  2. Flowkey Flowkey is another app aimed at piano students of all levels. It offers interactive video tutorials led by professional pianists, covering a variety of genres and techniques. Flowkey also offers an extensive library of songs with interactive sheet music.

  3. Yousician Yousician is a versatile app that offers lessons for multiple instruments, including the piano. It uses a game-based approach to learning with interactive exercises and challenges. Yousician also provides instant feedback on performance and progress tracking to help users stay on the ball.

  4. Playground Sessions Playground Sessions combines interactive piano lessons with popular songs, making piano learning exciting and accessible. It offers a variety of lesson styles, including video tutorials, interactive sheet music and games. Playground Sessions also offers progress tracking and personalized feedback to help users improve their skills efficiently.

  5. Piano Marvel Piano Marvel is an app designed to help piano students of all ages and levels. It offers a comprehensive curriculum with many exercises, songs and lessons on different styles and techniques. Piano Marvel's features include performance assessment tools and a leaderboard that fosters a supportive learning community.

Piano sheet music print
Printed piano sheet music

With this guide, you'll be well-equipped to begin your journey into the world of piano sheet music. Whether you choose traditional sheet music books, digital options or play-along apps, the most important thing is that you have fun and develop your musical skills. So grab some sheet music and get started today!


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