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Matchspace Music receives support from Innosuisse

Matchspace Music wins an award and receives a scale-up coaching supported by Innosuisse for its growth plans. Learn more in this article.

Innosuisse, Matchspace Music Team

🤸‍♂️ Yey! Matchspace Music has been selected for the Scale-Up Coaching Program by Innosuisse, the official innovation funding program of the Swiss Confederation! We are looking forward to the support to take our mission of making music lessons accessible, engaging and fun for everyone while improving the earning potential for teachers, even further!

💪🏻 Shout out to Lea von Bidder, Pascal König, and Flavio Pfaffhauser for their great support thus far. We look forward to learning from your expertise and bringing Matchspace Music to the next level!


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Contact Matchspace Music

Olivier Kipfer

Co-Founder and Marketing Head

Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich

olivier.kipfer (at)


Matchspace Music is an up-and-coming Swiss edutech start-up that makes music lessons accessible to everyone with its innovative platform. For people who are looking for more flexibility and individuality and companies that want to promote the mental well-being of their employees, Matchspace Music offers music enthusiasts a suitable offering. Matchspace Music offers more than 90 different instruments taught by over 1,000 qualified music teachers. Matchspace Music was the first company to bring music lessons into the workplace to create a balance in everyday business life and has developed an attractive offer in the form of health insurances that provide financial support for music lessons. Matchspace Music is the leading platform for music education, music students and teachers in Switzerland.


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