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Music schools and lessons in Switzerland - how to find what you are looking for

Would you like to get an overview of which music schools there are in Switzerland and where you can find them? Are you looking for a suitable teacher and can't find your way through the jungle of offers? Then you absolutely must read this blog post.

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Music schools in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are various ways to get your music lessons. You can choose between public music schools, private music schools, platforms or directories. The different providers have different offers and teachers for lessons. This page gives you an overview so that you can quickly find the right teacher for you or your child.

Public music schools in Switzerland

The public music schools in Switzerland are organized according to cantonal associations and belong to the Association of Swiss Music Schools (VMS). In the list below you will find the links to the overview pages of the respective music schools within the canton. Public music schools offer subsidized lessons for children. The lessons take place at the respective school. The teachers are usually employed on a part-time basis. The instruments taught depend on the demand from pupils. Private lessons for adults are also offered in some cases, but these are not subsidized. Lessons are usually arranged and paid for six months in advance.

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Private music schools in Switzerland

There are many private music schools in Switzerland. They are not uniformly organized and can be found in larger cities, in conurbations or in rural areas. Music teachers are usually employed on a part-time basis and teach music students of different ages and ability levels. Lessons at private music schools are usually tied to one location, i.e. the teaching premises of the respective school. There is no standardized directory for private music schools in Switzerland, which is why we cannot provide a clear overview here. The best way to find music schools in your area is to open a search engine such as Google and start your search there. Private music schools are often a little more flexible in their range of lessons than public music schools, but very often only offer the most popular musical instruments.

Swiss Music Pedagogical Association (SMPV)

The SMPV is the professional association of music teachers in Switzerland and offers its members various services and promotes the professional interests of freelance music teachers. Membership requires a Master's degree in music pedagogy. The association charges an annual fee for membership. The members of the association can be found in a directory and offer their lessons at the specified rates. The instruments taught and the courses offered depend on the individual members.

Professional associations for music teachers

In addition to the SMPV, there are also subject-specific associations that organize their members and are responsible for individual instruments. The European Guitar Teacher Association Switzerland (EGTA) does not provide a specific list of its teachers. The Association of Singing Teachers EVTA offers an overview of its members without specific information on teaching. The Association of Piano Teachers EPTA is organized similarly to the EGTA and also does not offer a directory for its teachers. Other associations are the ERTA for recorder teachers, the ESTA for string instruments and the SBV for wind instruments.

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Platforms for private music lessons in Switzerland

There are several local and international platforms for music lessons in Switzerland. The music teachers work on a freelance basis and offer their lessons and services at different conditions and in different locations. Depending on the platform, you can choose between lessons in the teacher's studio or lessons at the student's home. The verification procedures for teachers who offer their lessons on these platforms are not standardized. You can find everything from qualified professionals to amateur musicians. Some platforms offer students additional services, such as discounts from health insurance companies or special offers from instrument dealers such as Musik Hug.




Matchspace Music

The largest and most versatile platform for flexible and private music lessons in Switzerland with over 1,000 teachers and 90 musical instruments including vocals. All teachers are verified by a qualified music teacher and then activated for students.

School 78

Platform in German-speaking Switzerland for selected instruments.


Contact repository in German-speaking Switzerland for selected instruments for private lessons.


Platform for music lessons with active musicians and teachers in German-speaking Switzerland for selected instruments.


Generic international platform for various types of teaching including music.


Generic international platform for various types of teaching including music.

Platforms for online music lessons

There are various providers for live online lessons. This means that music teachers teach pupils directly online and not via video tutorials or play-along apps. The lessons take place via a video format on a computer or tablet. In the table below you will find a brief overview of platforms that have teachers both in Switzerland and abroad. The lesson prices, offers and qualifications of the teachers can vary greatly. It should also be noted that not all platforms offer all instruments and the list is not exhaustive.




Online lessons for various instruments and skill levels.

Online lessons for various instruments. The teachers are only visible after contacting them.

Online lessons with Swiss teachers for a limited selection of musical instruments.

Generic international provider of online lessons for various subjects and music.

Generic platform for various types of services including music lessons.

A platform for online teaching with Swiss teachers.


Learning to play a musical instrument is an excellent thing that will benefit you or your child. Not only does it develop your motor or cognitive skills, but it is also a good way to balance out your stressful everyday life. Depending on your needs, you can choose between online and face-to-face lessons. At music schools or in private lessons, online or in person. It is important that the teacher suits your needs so that you or your child will enjoy the lessons in the long term and achieve your musical goals.

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