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Early music podcast with Darina Ablogina: (in)sight-reading enlightenment

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Follow the new blog of Darina Ablogina and discover the magic of "old music" and instruments. Darina is not only a music teacher for modern and historic flutes but also a performer and an award-winning podcaster recognised by the REMA-Association.

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Darina Ablogina and her instrument

Hi Darina, tell us a little something about yourself. Who are you?

My name is Darina Ablogina. I am a Basel-based specialist in historical flutes and the creator of the podcast on music (in) sight-reading enlightenment.

How did you get the idea to start this blog?

During a sight-reading session with a colleague, I wondered if discovering a score that is unknown to us could also be relevant and exciting for music lovers. In classical music concerts, audiences often experience pieces that are well-prepared and polished. With my mission and the podcast, I was encouraged to show music lovers how a piece is composed, in what style, and delve more into the context of the era and the composer who wrote it.

Who is the blog aimed at?

Whether you are an amateur or an experienced musician, or simply interested in classical and early music, enjoy listening to concerts and live performances, and are also curious about the most unique emotional and universal language - music and the personalities who create it- our podcast is for you!

What content do you offer to your audience?

The main focus of the podcast is early music and historically informed performance practice. However, I have also created some episodes dedicated to modern music, educational and historical series, sociological research among musicians, and interviews with well-known musicians and authors.

What are the next topics?

In the upcoming episodes, I will present a new music festival that is being launched in Basel, and talk to its founder about the process of such a projects and look at the theme of collaboration as an artistic tool.

Where can people follow you?

Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast and any other platform where you listen to podcasts. We also have an Instagram channel, a Telegram channel, and a Facebook page for more visual content: Pictures of our guests, relevant content from recording sessions, rare instruments, and copies of the scores we use.

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