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Press release: Partnership Musik Hug and Matchspace Music - Musical instruments and lessons

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The Zurich-based startup Matchspace Music and the renowned music store Musik Hug are teaming up to launch an attractive offer for music enthusiasts in Switzerland. With discounted rental instruments and flexible lesson subscriptions with qualified teachers, playing an instrument becomes even more attractive for beginners and children. This offer closes the gap between instruments and lessons making them more accessible to beginners.

Musik Hug Matchspace Music
Matchspace Music und Musik Hug - a new duet

More and more people in Switzerland want to learn to play a musical instrument. The pandemic has additionally amplified this trend. In addition, making music helps to reduce stress and has a positive effect on mental and physical health. As a result, more and more adults are finding a balance to their usually busy everyday lives by making music. The desire to learn an instrument, however, comes with many questions. Which instrument is the right one for me? How much does it cost and where can I find a suitable offer? Finding the right teacher who is flexible in terms of time and availability, and who teaches the right instrument in the right place, is also a challenge and often a reason why it doesn't work out in the end.

To resolve this situation and provide a great offer for beginners and children, Musik Hug is launching an attractive rental offer for musical instruments in collaboration with Matchspace Music. When signing up for a lesson subscription with a qualified teacher at Matchspace Music, students will receive one month's rent for the instrument for free. In addition, customers benefit from a 15% discount on lessons at Matchspace Music when renting an instrument from Musik Hug. This not only makes access to the instrument and lessons easier but also provides an additional financial incentive.

Adrian Lohri, CEO of the Musik Hug Group: "Certain instruments are expensive to purchase. A good cello, saxophone or piano can cost several thousand francs even in the standard version. In addition, it is important, especially for children, that the instrument grows with them. That's why a good rental offer is ideal." Especially with children and beginners, it is vital that instruments can be tried out. Musik Hug's strong presence with nine locations throughout Switzerland and the qualified service provided by its employees are ideal prerequisites for a good experience.

Whether a person learns to play an instrument and continues to do so is often decided very early on. "The first 90 days are crucial in determining whether a student remains motivated and continues playing. That's why it's important to create a great experience and offer the opportunity to learn and try out instruments with a qualified teacher," says Patrick Koller, founder of Matchspace Music. "With Musik Hug, we’ve found the ideal partner to simplify the start into the musical adventure."


About Matchspace Music

Matchspace Music is a growing Swiss edutech startup that makes music lessons accessible to everyone. For people looking for more flexibility and individuality and companies who want to promote the mental well-being of their employees, at Matchspace Music music enthusiasts will find a suitable offer. Matchspace Music counts more than 45 different instruments taught by over 350 qualified music teachers. Matchspace Music was the first company to bring music lessons into the workplace as a way to balance the daily business routine and in collaboration with health insurances has developed an attractive offer that financially supports music lessons. Matchspace Music is the leading platform for music education, music students and teachers in Switzerland.

About Musik Hug

Musik Hug was founded in 1807 in Zurich as a music publishing house. Over 200 years, the company has grown to become the leading music house in Switzerland. Today, Musik Hug AG is part of the Musik Hug Group, which actively promotes Swiss music with around 180 employees. The Musik Hug Group - consisting of Musik Hug AG and Musica Nova AG - is divided into three divisions: Retail, Wholesale and Export. The retail division (Zurich, Allschwil, Kriens, Hochdorf, Lausanne, Ecublens, Neuchâtel and Geneva) focuses on the trade in musical instruments and their maintenance. In-house workshops and tuning services - among others for renowned educational institutions and concert halls throughout Switzerland - complete the range of products. For over 150 years, Musik Hug has been selling the upright and grand pianos of the master brand Steinway & Sons in Switzerland. In the Steinway Galleries in Zurich, Lausanne. Bern and in Geneva, a large selection is available for audition at any time.


Contact Matchspace Music

Olivier Kipfer

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

+41 79 616 64 16

Kontakt Musik Hug

Christian Natale

Chief Digital Officer Part of the Executive Committee

+41 44 864 41 61

Address Matchspace Music

Matchspace AG

Technoparkstrasse 1 CH - 8005 Zürich



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