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Employee engagement through music

Updated: May 19, 2022

Matchspace Music has launched the very first corporate solution bringing music lessons to the workplace. With a variety of over 45 instruments and more than 160 qualified teachers in Switzerland, we have created a unique solution to cater to the needs of companies and their employees during times of the pandemic, where many colleagues are stuck at home looking for a new work-life balance.

Musikunterricht für Firmen

Thanks to the fully automated backend companies have full flexibility and control over costs and workload for internal stakeholders and are able to offer a unique experience to their colleagues with the maximum flexibility and choice.

With this initiative Matchspace Music delivers on the first promise in our vision to make music lessons and learning an instrument available to as many people as possible. Including busy adults at the workplace.

Our special offering for companies

  • Discounted music lessons for employees

  • Subsidized music subscriptions for empylees

  • Virtual lunch and learn music workshops

  • On premise music lessons for individuals or groups

  • And much more

Want to know more or get your personalized offer, get in touch with us and visit our website for companies. (/for-companies)

Employee Engagement for Companies

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