Visiting Notenloft in Northern Zurich

We headed out to visit Notenloft in the northern part of Zurich, just a few minutes walking from Bahnhof Oerlikon. If your neighbor plays the drums, a piano or even the tuba… We’ll, than you definitely have to forward this article and read further!

Musikmedizin und Musizieren
Olivier Kipfer visiting Notenloft of Cosima and Brigitte

Notenloft’s concept is simple but extremely useful. Offering perfectly silenced and well-equipped practice rooms which can be booked online. Fully flexible for regular or one off visitors. If you are a hobby musician, a music teacher without a studio, a professional musician or even a small ensemble up to a few people, Notenloft offers practice rooms for every need.

The two founders Brigitte and Cosima, both musicians themselves, have created a unique space and atmosphere in a modern surrounding. All at very reasonable prices to make Notenloft accessible to everybody, small or big budgets. Go and see for yourself!

The modern rooms of Notenloft

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