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How to learn the electric guitar for beginners – this might be of interest to you

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments ever. This especially applies to the electric guitar because of its significant role in rock and pop music and its famous riffs, which keep drawing countless beginners to this instrument. Are you also fascinated by the electric guitar but still have a few questions before starting to take lessons? No problem! We will get to the bottom of some interesting questions you might have been asking yourself.

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The electric guitar – the electronic version of the acoustic guitar

What type of instrument is the electric guitar?

The electric guitar is built without a sound-amplifying body because the sound amplification is done electronically via an amplifier. Due to this feature, the electric guitar is also able to create special sounds when using different amps and effect devices.

Why does the electric guitar exist?

The electric guitar might not be as good as an acoustic guitar, but that’s also not its original purpose. For example, it was designed to play in big bands since guitarists share the stage with loud instruments in such formations. Thus, the electric guitar was initially developed to enable a louder volume.

How is the electric guitar structured?

  • Headstock: This part is located at the top. It covers the truss rod and holds the strings on the nut.

  • Neck: This part is also known as the fingerboard. It consists of the frets while the clamp is connected to the bottom.

  • Body: The body is the biggest part of the electric guitar. Here, the tailpiece, the pickups, a flip switch for selecting the pickup, the bridge with the strings, and the cable jack can be found.

  • Strings: This guitar has bass strings and treble strings.

How do I know if the electric guitar is the right instrument for me?

The question if you want to learn acoustic or electric guitar is mainly decided by the choice of music you want to play. If you want to go for country music, then the acoustic guitar would be recommended, whereas, in rock or pop, the electric guitar is the way to go.

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Should I learn the acoustic guitar before moving on to the electric guitar?

Here, opinions differ. It is said that the thicker strings and the lack of volume support speak in favor of starting with an acoustic guitar. It allows you to attain the needed strength in your fingers to play the electric guitar. The electric guitar has thinner strings which may result in you struggling to play the acoustic guitar later on. But it is not impossible. Just ask yourself what kind of music you want to play.

Can I teach myself how to play the electric guitar?

There are great tutorials available to teach you some simple guitar chords. However, you will have to ask yourself something else: What do I want to achieve when it comes to playing the electric guitar? Do you just want to play around a little? Then you don’t require much more than an acoustic guitar to play a few chords around campfires and gatherings. But if you want to play on an advanced level, we recommend lessons with a qualified teacher. Because there are some tricks you should learn to play well and be more flexible in terms of your playing technique. The real problem with video tutorials is that the structure of a lesson is missing. You only learn a few things and tricks, but it’s way better to start from the beginning and learn the basics.

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How much does an electric guitar cost?

This is a difficult question to answer since you don’t just need to purchase the electric guitar but also the amplifier system. Good instruments for beginners that produce a solid sound cost 350 to 500 CHF. Exclusive models from Gibson or Fender vary between 800 and 5,000 CHF. As always, the sky’s the limit in terms of pricing, especially regarding custom-made guitars.

A guitar amplifier costs between 200 and 700 CHF. You can also purchase an amp for less than 100 CHF. But we recommend you opt for a more qualitative option because otherwise, the sound quality will suffer. Before you buy all the equipment, you should get advice from your teacher to find out which combinations of equipment work well together. Also, buy an extra set of strings in case any get damaged. This way, you can immediately change them and continue playing.

Do I need to get an electric guitar right away?

We have good news for you! There are great services that rent out electric guitars, which you can also purchase in many cases. This means you can first try the electric guitar and buy it later, with part of the rent cost being deducted upon purchase.

How can you learn your first song on the electric guitar?

You probably think it is difficult to properly play anything on the guitar. Below we have listed a few factors you should be aware of:

  1. Tuning the guitar: You can use a tuner for this. Make sure to always tune your guitar!

  2. Practice your posture: A correct posture is crucial to producing a good sound. The electric guitar should be held close to you, and your fingers and the neck of the guitar should be far enough apart. When you play standing up, your one arm should be horizontal, and the hand with which you strum the strings should remain relaxed.

  3. Learning terms: What are the names of the 6 strings on an electric guitar? And what about the frets? What do they sound like?

  4. Tabs: Familiarize yourself with the finger postures on the strings. This way, you can play more easily. In addition, there is also tab notation in sheet music for songs.

  5. Scales: They are the basis for every instrument. Thus, it is recommended to practice them thoroughly at the beginning. This sounds like a boring exercise, but your ability to play will improve significantly in the long run.

  6. Chords: Chords enable you to become polyphonic. Learn all possible chords and practice them until you produce a clean sound.

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Should I consider playing in a band right away?

In the beginning, you might struggle to keep up with a band, and you most likely won’t be able to deliver the performance your bandmates expect from you. But once you are more confident with playing accords, being part of a band can be a great motivation. Thus, once you’re ready, you should look for a band that plays music you like and that is easy for you to play.

How long will it take me to play my first song?

Sooner than you think! If you practice 10 minutes a day over three months, you will be able to notice amazing results. Make sure to practice consistently to allow your hands to get used to the grips and chords. Eventually, you’ll be able to play them by heart.

I’m living in a rental apartment. Isn’t an electric guitar way too loud?

You don’t have to connect the electric guitar to an amp because this would be very loud. Instead, you can use headphones to listen to your playing. This way, you can practice at any given time without your neighbors even noticing.

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Can I take trial lessons?

We offer a great trial package so you can take a few lessons and get a feel for the electric guitar. Furthermore, you’ll be able to get acquainted with your teacher and can decide whether you’d like to work with them or if you’d prefer to look further.

I have more questions – where can I ask them?

Just contact us if you have more questions. We will be happy to assist you and help you make the right decision according to your needs. You can also contact a teacher of your choice and ask them your specific questions.


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