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13 reasons why you aren’t playing an instrument (yet)

Have you been entertaining the idea of learning an instrument? But you keep having doubts? Don’t worry; a lot of people feel that way. This is why we’ve listed the 13 most common reasons why people haven’t started to play an instrument yet.

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Should I or should I not?

1. I simply don’t have the time.

Question: How much time do you think you have to invest each day/week to learn an instrument? Less than you probably think. Because with just 5 minutes a day you will achieve results. Of course, the more you practice, the faster you’ll improve, and 5 minutes won’t be enough to qualify you for a degree in music. But if you still feel the desire to learn an instrument, you can effectively do so with 5 minutes a day.

2. I can’t afford music lessons.

An instrument is certainly not the cheapest hobby in the world. But you can book a package with 5 lessons per quarter, for example. This will give you valuable feedback from a qualified teacher, which you can then incorporate into your daily practice. By the way, 5 lessons per quarter mean that you have a lesson every 2 weeks on average.

3. I don’t have an instrument.

You don’t need one at the beginning. You can get an instrument from your teacher, seeing as some teachers lend instruments, or you can easily rent an instrument. The latter also allows you not to immediately commit to a particular instrument, but to take a few lessons first to see if you have made the right decision. In addition, there is often the possibility to buy your rented instrument later, whereby the rental fee is partially deducted from the purchase price.

4. I don’t have a talent for music.

There are very few people who are so tone-deaf that they cannot distinguish pop music from classical music. Our experience, and that of many teachers, shows that no one is so unmusical that they cannot sing or play an instrument. Often it is one’s aspirations and perhaps a few negative experiences that keep one from learning an instrument. The best thing is to just get started. Because as long as you enjoy yourself, success will follow on its own.

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5. I don’t have the confidence to play in public.

If you play hesitantly, you will find that most instruments sound flat. Play for yourself first to hear what great sounds you can produce. The same goes for singing. Don’t be afraid to sing or play in front of your teacher. After all, they are specialized in helping you. It’s not about making you feel bad. Fun and courage go hand in hand. If you just muster up the courage to sing, you’ll notice how great it is.

6. I have no motivation.

Do you find it hard to make time to practice? Are even 5 minutes a day a challenge? Do you lack motivation because you don’t know what you’re practicing for? Don’t just play countless etudes (practice pieces to learn different techniques) to improve your skills because they aren’t very motivating. Instead, start with a simple piece that you’ve always wanted to play.

7. I have had bad experiences.

That’s a pity, but it doesn’t have to determine or prevent your entire musical career. Perhaps you had the wrong teacher because technical knowledge and sympathy play a crucial role here. You may also have chosen the wrong instrument. We recommend that you book a few lessons on our site for the instrument that appeals to you the most. If it is not the right choice, then just keep looking. If you want to play music, you will find the right instrument sooner or later.

8. I am too old to learn an instrument.

No one is too old when it comes to learning an instrument. Your advantage in being a little older when learning an instrument is that you already have acquired a certain musical taste, and know exactly what goal you want to work towards.

9. I am not smart enough to learn an instrument.

If you believe you’re not smart enough, then you’ve probably been practicing the wrong things. Start with easy pieces. The same approach applies to sports. You wouldn’t try to run a marathon right away, would you? So pick something easy to start with and play that. As soon as you start to raise the level of difficulty, you will notice that practicing becomes easier.

10. My hands are too small.

That’s rather unlikely because there is an instrument for almost all body sizes. Consult your teacher to make sure it fits your body size. The good news is that most instruments are available in different sizes. These include the quarter-sized violin, the half-sized violin, and even smaller flutes. That’s the case with almost all instruments.

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11. People tell me that it’s a waste of time.

In this case, you should ask yourself why and for whom you want to learn an instrument. The answer should be: For yourself! You are doing something for yourself, your health, and your well-being. It doesn’t matter if your environment thinks it’s a great idea or not. Who knows, maybe they try to talk you out of your new hobby because they share your desire but don’t dare to pursue it themselves.

12. The nearest music school is too far away.

That’s exactly why there are platforms where you can find music teachers. Good classes are even available in rural areas, you just have to look around a bit.

13. I live in a rental apartment, and practicing is too loud.

You can adjust the time during which you practice. You might want to avoid practicing on weekends when most people are home. So if there are times when you are home, and hardly anyone else is, it’s best to practice during those times.

Talk to your neighbors and arrange times during which you can practice. Especially families with children will be grateful for this, because if you know when the children are supposed to sleep, you can be considerate of that. In return, your neighbors will surely be willing to accommodate your schedule.

If this is not possible, there are spaces where you can practice very cheaply or without charge. Check around your neighborhood or ask your teacher. You may be able to practice with an electric instrument that has a headphone jack, allowing you to practice at any time without disturbing your neighbors.

Bottom line:

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You probably know the kind of people who can go on for hours about why they would love to exercise, but just can’t get around to it, don’t you? These are usually just excuses. The same goes for learning an instrument. So just take the first step and decide to take some lessons now. And when it comes to fun, just remember that once you recognize the first results, you’ll be incredibly motivated.

There are so many good reasons to learn an instrument. On the one hand, you’re doing something for yourself and your health. On the other hand, this great hobby allows you to get in touch with other musicians. It also strengthens your confidence and encourages conversations with other people.

Do you have any questions? Then contact us now and allow us or our teachers to advise you. Or check out our blog for exciting information about how to learn an instrument.


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