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Referral program for music teachers of Matchspace Music

Your referral is worth something! Join our referral program for music teachers and get CHF 50 for every successful recommendation of a qualified music teacher that signs up with our platform. Learn more about how you can benefit.

referral program music teachers

Recommend teachers and receive CHF 50 for each successful referral

Our marketing, as well as the new offer for health insurance companies, generates a greater demand for music lessons than we can currently serve with our existing teachers. We see daily music student searches on our platform that are not generating matching results. Since we prefer to invest our marketing budget in music teachers rather than spending it on advertising on Google and Facebook, we created this referral program. Successfully referred and activated music teachers on our platform are worth CHF 50 each. Join us and help us realize our vision of making music lessons accessible to everyone.

And that's how it works

  1. Email with contact information for recommended teacher(s).

  2. Required information: First name, last name, email, mobile number, instrument, place of residence.

  3. Registration of the recommended teacher at Matchspace Music.

  4. Verification and activation by a qualified Matchspace Music teacher.

  5. Payment of the recommendation bonus to the teacher who initiated the referral.

Instruments in demand

  1. Piano / Keybord

  2. Guitar / Electric Guitar

  3. Singing / Vocal Coaching

  4. Violin

  5. Drums

  6. Violoncello

  7. Flute / Transvers Flute / Clarinet

  8. Trumpet / Sax

Relevante Unterrichtsorte

  1. Zurich / Zug

  2. Zürcher Oberland

  3. Basel / Bern

  4. Solothurn / Biel

  5. Winterthur / Frauenfeld

  6. Lucerne / Thun

  7. St. Gallen / Schaffhausen

  8. Aarau / Baden

Who can teach with us?

Teilnahmebedingungen für unser Empfehlungsprogramm

  • The referred teacher must teach one of the sought-after instruments in one of the mentioned locations.

  • All existing teachers or teachers acquired through this campaign may participate in this referral program.

  • The referred teacher must be clearly linked to the Matchspace Music teacher (first name, last name, email, phone, instrument, and location must be included in the email).

  • All candidates are personally screened and verified by professional teachers.

  • Teachers who cannot be activated are not entitled to a referral fee.

  • New teachers who are activated on the platform must be bookable for students and remain available on the platform for at least 6 months.

  • The placement fee for the same teacher can only be claimed once, after de-registration from Matchspace Music there is no claim for a new placement fee.

  • The referral fee will be paid via bank transfer within 30 days after the teacher has been activated.

  • Music schools cannot benefit from this offer and are requested to get in touch

  • This offer is valid indefinitely until it is revoked.

  • The legal process is excluded.


Would you like to learn more about the benefits for our teachers? Then read on here.


Matchspace (Music) AG

Sebastian Heimann (responsible for music teachers)

Olivier Kipfer (responsible for customer success)

Matchspace AG

Technoparkstrasse 1

8005 Zurich




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