The 20 most common questions that music teachers ask us, before they sign up with Matchspace Music

Updated: Jul 5

Have you considered signing up with Matchspace Music as a teacher but you are not yet 100% sure and want some questions answered? No problem. Below you'll find the 20 most common questions that music teachers ask us before signing up. Check it out!

20 questions for music teachers
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In a nutshell:

  1. The registration on our platform for teachers is free of charge.

  2. Certified teachers, professional musicians, teachers in training (Master only) or people with significant musical experience (individually assessed) are allowed to teach on our platform.

  3. Each teacher and their respective diplomas are being looked at and verified by a professional music teacher before publishing the profile on our website.

  4. Each music teacher and the student receives personal support from one of our professional music teachers.

  5. The rates for music lessons are documented in our pricing policy and are binding for all teachers. Teachers that do not comply with the policy will not be published. (read policy)

  6. All transactions of students which have been acquired by us need to go through our platform even in the case of multiple bookings by the same student over time. (read T&C)

  7. Our service fee is 16.5% and will be deducted from each lesson before payment is made to a teacher (e.g CHF 100 lesson price at 60min equals a fee of CHF 16.50).

  8. Students who use our payment provider Stripe are charged a processing fee of 3.5% per transaction.

  9. We do not offer free trials to students. Instead, each student can book a discounted trial package (3 lessons for the price of 2) to get to know the teacher. This package is available only once per student.

  10. Teachers have no obligation to offer a free trial lesson to students.

  11. The discounted prices for subscriptions of 10% for 10 lessons and 15% for 20 lessons are based on the tariffs of SMPV for semester subscriptions. The discount of 20% for lessons for children is also based on the recommendations of SMPV.

  12. Subscription packages expire as follows: Trial and 5 lessons subscription (3 months), 10 lessons (6 months) and 20 lessons (12 months). After the expiration teachers are not obliged to teach the remaining lessons. The remaining lessons will be paid out to the teacher in full (minus our service fee).

  13. Students can‘t purchase single lessons on our platform.

  14. The discount for music lessons for companies is paid for with our margin and is not deduced from the teacher‘s lesson price. Teachers receive the full lesson price minus our fee of 16.5%.

  15. Requests from students on our platform can be declined at any time. There is no obligation for our teachers to accept direct bookings from students through our platform.

  16. The set availabilities of teachers are not binding and can vary on a weekly basis. The set availabilities are an indication of a regular workweek of a teacher and should serve as a reference for students only.

  17. The payout for lessons happens after each completed lesson within five working days. Lessons that are canceled by the student less than 24 hours in advance will be paid out in full to the teacher. Teachers do not need to make up for those lessons.

  18. Teachers can cancel lessons at any time and less than 24 hours in advance. The funds for those lessons will be credited to the account of the student and can be used for future lessons.

  19. We are a platform for independent teachers and there is no employment contract between our teachers and us. Each teacher is responsible for their own income statement and the respective declaration to the tax and social insurance authorities. It is possible to receive a yearly statement for the declaration.

  20. Teachers can delete or deactivate their accounts at any time without any obligations. The only exception is an active subscription between a teacher and a student.

Do you have any questions or do you need more information? Please get in touch with us directly or check out our page for music teachers:

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Contact for music teachers:

Matchspace (Music) AG

Sebastian Heimann (Responsible for all teachers on Matchspace Music)

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