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Rent or buy digital pianos and electric pianos?

Have you ever wondered whether it's worth owning a piano or renting one? Not sure whether you can learn to play properly with a digital piano, i.e. an electric piano, as a beginner? Then you've come to the right place! Read this exciting blog post and find out more.

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Electric pianos or digital pianos fit into any living room

Interview with Beat Bommeli, owner of Winti-Piano. The electric piano rental service for beginners in German-speaking Switzerland. Beat has been successfully running his business from Winterthur for several years and is himself a keyboardist in a band and former piano teacher.

Should I rent or buy a piano?

If you are sure that you will be playing the instrument for a long time, then buying a piano or digital piano makes sense. If you are unsure (e.g. if you are not sure whether you have the time and motivation to learn the instrument), renting is a good alternative. If you buy a new instrument, you have to reckon with significant depreciation when you sell it, which often exceeds the rental costs.

What are the advantages of renting?

When borrowing or renting an electric piano from a professional provider, you can assume that you are getting a good instrument. This should not be underestimated, especially as inexperienced piano players often know little about the instrument. Depending on the provider and model, renting involves monthly or semi-annual costs, but if you give up your new hobby, you don't have to worry about selling it. As a renter, you also have the advantage that the provider will replace the instrument if necessary in the event of technical problems.

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Is it even possible to learn to play the piano with an electric piano?

Definitely. If you have a high-quality electric piano, the differences in feel and sound are very close to those of an acoustic piano. Technological advances over the past few decades have made it possible to produce electric pianos that hardly differ from real pianos in terms of feel and in which the various characteristics that make up the piano sound are reproduced almost perfectly.

Is the touch the same as on a real piano?

A fundamental distinction must be made between weighted keyboards and non-weighted keyboards (as are typically used on keyboards). To learn to play the piano, you need a weighted keyboard. Although this differs from the keyboard of an acoustic piano depending on the model and manufacturer, it is easy to switch between a real piano and an electric piano with a good weighted keyboard, as you can get used to a new keyboard within minutes. There are also differences between the various keyboards on acoustic pianos. A grand piano therefore plays differently to an upright piano in the living room.

Are electric pianos also suitable for children?

Both children and adults can play an electric piano. The muscle development required to play the piano will take place on electric pianos in the same way as on a real piano. For children, however, we definitely recommend a qualified teacher who can teach the basics properly and take the child's age into consideration.

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Do beginners need pedals?

When you start playing the piano, pedaling becomes an issue relatively quickly. However, in the first few years of playing the piano, you only need one pedal to hold the note. Double or triple pedals, on the other hand, are only used by experienced musicians.

Can I also play the electric piano with a normal chair?

That depends on the player's height. The optimum posture of the back and hands when playing the piano is controlled by the height of the seat, as the height of the keyboard on the electric piano is fixed and cannot be adjusted. A height-adjustable seat is therefore particularly important for children.

Can electric pianos also be played with headphones?

Playing with headphones is possible with any electric piano. This is a good solution, especially in apartment buildings, because you won't disturb anyone, even if you play for hours or at night.

Are there effects on electric pianos?

Practically all electric pianos have built-in effects, e.g. to imitate the reverberation of the piano in a room. Depending on the price range, these effects can also be adjusted.

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Should I opt for an entry-level model or something better?

It is crucial that you have a good quality electric piano to play. If you're a beginner yourself, you can go for an entry-level model as long as it has a good keyboard and a nice sound. You should steer clear of cheap electric pianos from discount stores or online stores. Even if they look modern, such instruments often have outdated sound generation technology. In addition, the keyboards on these instruments are often inadequate. This quickly takes the joy out of playing music.

What is the quickest way to get my electric piano?

You should check availability in advance, especially when renting an electric piano. If the provider cannot make a clear statement about availability, it is better to look for another provider. However, availability within one to two weeks is usually not a problem.

What should I bear in mind when setting up?

The assembly of electric pianos is basically very simple. Anyone who can screw together a simple IKEA shelf will have no trouble assembling an electric piano. If you are still unsure, you can usually have the assembly done by the supplier. You should find out about the assembly costs in advance.

I'm playing a little better now, is it time for a real piano?

That depends on your living conditions, housing situation, financial circumstances and individual plans. A professional pianist is more likely to answer yes to this question, as they are constantly playing acoustic pianos or grand pianos in their everyday life with concerts, etc. However, professionals also like to use good electric pianos, especially as they are easier and cheaper to transport to different locations.


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Beat Bommeli from Winti-Piano


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