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Terms and conditions of Matchspace Music

Updated: Feb 13

Our binding teaching conditions for music students and teachers.

Terms and conditions for music lessons matchspace music

(Teacher “I/me” / Student “you/your” / Matchspace Music “we/us”)

Start of lessons, first lesson, and satisfaction guarantee

  • The start of your lessons is possible anytime after consultation with me.

  • Your lessons must be booked and paid for before the first lesson on An invoice will be issued upon request. In case of late payment, lessons will be suspended until payment is received.

  • Lesson 1 of your first subscription is considered a “trial lesson” and is available once.

  • If you are not satisfied with your lesson, the trial lesson is free of charge. We will contact you and find a new teacher. If no replacement can be found, the subscription fee will be refunded (satisfaction guarantee).

  • If you attend further lessons with me after the first lesson, the claim to the satisfaction guarantee expires and the "trial lesson" will be deducted from your subscription.

  • Music students are obliged to contact within 24 hours of the first lesson if they are not satisfied with the lessons or the teacher. After that, the right to a refund of the subscription expires.

  • The satisfaction guarantee refers exclusively to the quality of the lessons and the "match" between teacher and student. All other reasons for a refund cannot be considered.

Subscriptions and costs

  • We stand for quality and fair prices. Our teachers are self-employed and take care of their social security contributions, therefore we follow the recommended rates of the SMPV.

  • You can choose between subscriptions for 5, 10 and 20 lessons. The prices and lesson duration (30, 45, 60, and 90 min.) are shown in the courses on my profile on The 5-lesson-subscription is not recommended for kids and therefore not available.

  • The discounts (10% for 10 lessons, 15% for 20 lessons, and 20% discount for children) are derived from the SMPV rate recommendations. The deduction of 20% for children is optional.

  • The collection is done by us. Direct payment to your teacher is strictly prohibited. This also applies to subsequent bookings. In case of abuse, the teacher will be removed from the platform and the cooperation will be terminated.

Lesson planning and cancellation

  • I will schedule the lessons in consultation with you and enter all appointments in the app. You will receive an email reminder before each lesson. I complete taught lessons promptly and before the next lesson in the app, giving you feedback and learning objectives for the next lesson.

  • You can cancel lessons free of charge in the app up to 24 hours before the lesson starts. I will make sure to find an alternate date with you in a timely manner. If you do not cancel in the app or cancel too late (within 24 hours before the lesson), lessons are considered given and do not need to be made up by me.

  • Music students are not entitled to a refund for subscriptions after the first lesson.

  • If lessons are cancelled by me, I will make up for them in a timely manner. The subscription period will be extended by the number of lessons that have not yet taken place.

  • If your teacher becomes unavailable for a longer period of time, we will immediately try to find a suitable alternative. You will then receive a credit note for the amount of unused lessons on your next booking. In case we can’t find a suitable teacher, you will be refunded for the remaining lessons in your subscription.

  • If a teacher becomes unavailable due to his/her own fault, with the exception of illness or accident (the burden of proof lies with the teacher), the teacher will be charged a fee of CHF 150 per active student.

Subscription duration and prolongation

  • The terms of the subscriptions are regulated as follows: 5 lessons (3 months), 10 lessons (6 months), 20 lessons (12 months).

  • I commit myself to completing the purchased subscription within the term and to ensure adequate and regular availability for students.

  • After the expiration of the term, teachers can fictitiously enter and complete unsubscribed lessons in the app. By mutual agreement, the term may be extended.

  • Music students are obliged to pay for all subscriptions, including follow-up bookings, directly via the Matchspace Music platform. In case of violation, teachers will be permanently removed from the platform.

Quality control

  • Continuity and quality in teaching is important to us. That's why we work with experience of thousands of subscriptions and customer feedback, which are considered as a benchmark for cooperation.

  • We reserve the right to remove teachers from the platform who are noticeably below the experience levels and to terminate the cooperation. We pay special attention to reliability in communication with us and continuity in teaching students.

Terms and Conditions, January 2024

Matchspace AG, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland


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