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Unique features and profile pages for music teachers

Matchspace Music launches unique new features and profile pages for music teachers. Learn more about the updates and watch exciting stories from our passionate teachers.

Profile pages for music teachers

Matchspace Music pursues the mission of making music lessons accessible to everyone. We are the go-to partner for music teachers in Switzerland and help them focus on their calling, teaching music students passionately. In the past two years, we have supported over 900 teachers across Switzerland in their search for music students and established a strong ecosystem (e.g. Discounts with health insurance companies and instrument dealers). With that, we significantly lowered the entry barriers for people who would like to learn to play an instrument and made an important contribution to the industry.

Now we go one step further and launch many new and useful features on our platform that are perfectly tailored to the needs of teachers and musicians. Our full-service platform for music lessons offers everything teachers need to present themselves in the best possible way, gain more visibility, and get students excited about their lessons.

Unique new features

  • Completely revised profile pages for teachers

  • Personal URL (

  • Travel fees for home visits

  • Map for different teaching locations

  • Simplified course creation for multiple instruments

  • Gallery for pictures and videos

  • Training and further education as well as professional experience

With the launch of the new marketing and profile pages, Matchspace Music is further expanding the platform for music teachers, creating a unique experience for music students who are looking for a qualified and passionate teacher and want to discover or further develop their musical talent.

Together with the launch of the new profiles and features for music teachers, we portray three selected teachers and renowned musicians. Yiheng Li, Daniela Schumacher and Emanuele Forni talk about their lives as music teachers, their connection to music and where their musical journey began. Find out more about their stories now and watch the exciting video portraits.


About Matchspace Music

Matchspace Music is an up-and-coming Swiss edutech startup that uses its innovative platform to make music lessons accessible to everyone. For people who are looking for more flexibility and individuality and companies that want to promote the mental well-being of their employees, music enthusiasts will find a suitable offer at Matchspace Music. Matchspace Music has over 85 different instruments taught by over 900 qualified and passionate music teachers. Matchspace Music was the first company to bring music lessons into the world of work to balance out everyday business life. Matchspace Music is the leading platform for music education, music students and teachers in Switzerland.



Olivier Kipfer

Marketing & Communication

+41 79 616 64 16


Matchspace (Music) AG

Technoparkstrasse 1CH - 8005 Zurich

+41 44516 89 65



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