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Höhle der Löwen - Unfortunately no deal

Matchspace Music did well in the lion's den and put on a great performance. Unfortunately, in the end it wasn't quite enough for a deal. Find out more about it in this short article.

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The Matchspace Music team in the broadcast of Höhle der Löwen

Matchspace Music has really stepped up its game in front of a great backdrop and on Swiss Free TV 3 Plus and put in a great performance. The jury was top-class and full of well-known faces. Anja Graf, business apartment pioneer, Bettina Hein, tech entrepreneur, Roland Brack, online retail expert and founder of, Tobias Reichmuth, sustainability entrepreneur, Lukasspeiser, Amorana co-founder and CEO, Jürg Schwarzenbach, investment company owner, Nicole Büttner, tech optimist and AI entrepreneur, Felix Bertram, dermatologist and entrepreneur.

After a great presentation, we also withstood the critical questions of the lions and lionesses and presented our startup in the best light! Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough in the end and it was called "No Deal" for the young platform for music lessons. Nevertheless, we are very proud of our first television appearance and were able to gain valuable experience as a team. It's not the end of the day yet and we continue to stand up for our music teachers and students! Let's go Matchspace Music!


Deal or No Deal - That was the question!



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