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Updates to subscriptions for music students at Matchspace Music

Matchspace Music is expanding its offering in Switzerland and adapting subscriptions for music students.

Music teachers from Matchspace Music

Matchspace Music is the largest platform for music lessons in Switzerland with over 900 qualified music teachers for 85 instruments. Last year we were able to substantially expand our offering and gain valuable experience and feedback thanks to thousands of hours of music lessons. We have decided to adapt our offer for music students.

The changes at a glance:

  • The trial subscription (3 lessons for 2) will be replaced by a trial lesson with a satisfaction guarantee

  • The 5, 10, and 20-lesson subscriptions have proven themselves and will remain unchanged

  • The first lesson of the first subscription is now considered a trial lesson

  • If the first lesson was satisfactory, the subscription continues with the second lesson

  • The trial lesson will be deducted as the first lesson of the purchased subscription

  • If the first lesson is unsatisfactory, we will try to find a new teacher or refund in full

  • The subscription discounts (10% discount for 10 lessons and 15% discount for 20 lessons) remain unchanged and are derived from the SMPV tariff recommendations

Why is the trial subscription no longer available?

We have evaluated a lot of data and feedback. 50% of our teachers want to offer a free trial lesson, and the other 50% reject this. The trial subscription (3 lessons for 2) was a compromise and was intended to make it easier for students to get started and to compensate for the time invested by teachers. However, we have noticed that motivated music students almost always buy a 10-lesson subscription and the first lesson is enough to get to know the teacher.

Can I offer free trial lesson as a teacher?

No, music lessons must always be paid for and teachers need to be compensated for the time invested. Music students benefit from discounts on subscriptions of 10 and 20 and our additional offers from health insurance companies. And if things don't work out between teacher and student, we can help out and find a new teacher, and if there's no other way, we'll refund the money in full.

Why are the 10 and 20 subscriptions discounted?

Our price policy and our subscriptions are derived from the SMPV tariff recommendations. The discounts for 10 and 20-lesson subscriptions correspond to those for semester subscriptions. Lessons for children can (but do not have to) be set 20% lower. This is at the discretion of our teachers.

Why do you have a 5-lesson subscription?

For beginners, we generally recommend 10 or 20-lesson subscriptions so that learning progress can be experienced. For advanced students, we see the 5-lesson subscription as a useful addition and as a valuable stimulus for further musical development. The 5 subscriptions are also very popular with students who need to prepare for exams.

Why is the subscription fully refunded?

For students, this offer is an important quality feature and will automatically lead to more requests for our teachers. Our experience shows that most students continue after the first lesson. In rare cases, the “match” between teacher and student is not right. In such cases, we try to find a suitable alternative. If we cannot find an alternative teacher, the subscription will be returned to the students. Matchspace Music covers the costs of the acquisition, takes care of the complete administration of the return process and the teacher covers the time for the first lesson.

How do you ensure that there is continuity and quality in teaching?

The continuity and quality of teaching are essential to us. We have set out what we value in our collaboration with our teachers and students in the teaching conditions.

How will music students be informed about the change?

In principle, these changes do not affect existing music students, as the trial subscription was only available once in the past. We inform music students about the changes in the inquiry status, i.e. before the first booking.

From when are the adjustments valid?

The adjustments are valid immediately.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly and personally at any time.


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