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Matchspace Music in the lion's den - Experience report

The Matchspace Music team ventured into the lion's den and prevailed against many other Swiss startups in the selection process. Find out now whether there will be a “deal” in the end and read this short experience report.

HDL, Lion's Den, Investors, Matchspace Music
The lions and lionesses of the 3 Plus show

After an exciting application process, we were able to appear in front of the production team of “Höhle der Löwen” for the first time in 2022. We presented our pitch at the CH Media offices in Oerlikon. After a short selection process, it was clear that Matchspace Music was going into the lion's den and was allowed to present to investors and on Swiss TV.

Matchspace Music Pitch Oerlikon
Matchspace Music at the pitch at CH Media in Oerlikon

A few months later the time had come! In the studios of 3 Plus in Altstetten there was a showdown between Matchspace Music and the lions. Thanks to the great help of our partner Musik Hug we were able to build a fantastic stage presence with high-quality musical instruments. The team was ready for the pitch... just a few minutes until recording!

Matchspace Music Team at Den der Löwen
The team in the lion's den - ready for recording!

This jury of lions was to be convinced with our pitch! Anja Graf, business apartment pioneer, Bettina Hein, tech entrepreneur, Roland Brack, online retail expert and founder of, Tobias Reichmuth, sustainability entrepreneur, Lukas Speiser, Amorana co-founder and CEO, Jürg Schwarzenbach, investment company owner, Nicole Büttner, tech optimist and AI entrepreneur, Felix Bertram, dermatologist and entrepreneur.

HDL, Lion's Den, Jury
The investors of the Lion’s Den

The time had come! Matchspace Music is “on air”. We were impressed by the professional setting and the incredible effort put into an episode of HDL! Focused and "on brand" we started with a short performance by Gabriela, our in-house cellist! And action!

Matchspace Music Team with cellist Gabriela
The team recording with the cellist Gabriela

Whether it ends up being a “deal” with the Lions and how Matchspace Music did on the show, you'll find out here in the blog next Tuesday! Stay tuned! Here you can watch the HDL broadcasts from 3 Plus.

Matchspace Music Team
The Matchspace Music team after the recording


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